Multiplatform file sharing software that uses a Wi-Fi connection


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  • Works under: Windows 7
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  • Program by SHAREit Technologies Co. Ltd

Using Shareit, you can transfer your files over from some of the different devices. For example, if you have a smartphone, tablet or computer, you can use a direct Wi-Fi connection, and this lets you share and send your photos, files, videos and apps as needed over to other devices. Sending videos, photos and apps is the core feature of Sharteit, which lets you transfer your files between different people, and you never have to use cloud storage to make use of it. With this system, some of the shareable things include:

  • Apps
  • Music Files
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Documents

The platform does not matter because Shareit will only communicate with the other devices that have been Shareit enabled. With Shareit, the data does not get transferred through a general Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Instead of doing that, Shareit makes use of a direct wireless connection, and you can connect up to five different devices up to a small network. After that has been connected to other devices, you can send files and receive them. You can also clone your devices so that you can send the contents over to other devices. Shareit is a multiplatform that includes the Windows PC.

Not All Good Things

Unfortunately, while Shareit does offer a multiplatform to share from, that can also become a double-edged sword at times. For example, being multiplatform can cause problems if you have to troubleshoot the connection or there are issues with using different devices. Shareit does not use Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi network, and as a result, you will have to create a direct connection with the other devices. What that means is that the device will create a hotspot and other devices will be able to connect to it.

What the app does not tell you is how you will have to adjust your Wi-Fi settings before you can make use of this. You will visit the "settings" menu, and there are options that you can select like, "Prefer hotspot." This lets you send and receive your files, but what the app never mentions is how your devices can create such hotspots so that you can share data. The system can also be somewhat buggy, and there are times where the app will freeze. When this happens, you will have to restart Shareit on both devices if you will want the transfer to work.

The Positives of Shareit

The biggest reason to use this software is because when it does work, it works at lightning fast speeds. You can transfer pictures very fast, and after the file transfers have been completed, the app will disable the wireless connection used, and it will go back to the old original connection. As a result, you will have to revisit the steps of creating another hotspot.

Shareit: Easy to Use?

While the software developers claim that the system is simple to use, the biggest problem is how it can be somewhat confusing at times if you are the average user. It's not that this is a bad software, but it could definitely benefit from a little extra polish. Because there is no explanation of how to use it and no instructions, that can make it frustrating to someone just starting on it. While closing your hotspot connection is a fairly intuitive process, you have to go back through all the steps of transferring, and not only is this inconvenient, it can also be annoying. Shareit makes sense for video, but you also have to watch the size that you will share. While Shareit makes the promise of ease of use, the company has not quite reached that goal.

Why Shareit Has Such Attraction

What has made Shareit have such an attraction is because it does not use mobile data, USB, cable or Bluetooth. You can share between completely different operating systems like Windows, iOS or Android. What's more, you can quickly share this information with up to five devices at a time, and you can share numerous files and folders with an unlimited file space. The sharing speed can reach up to 20M/sec, which is around 200 times the speed of Bluetooth. In addition, you have auto detect, and that will allow you to connect to the surrounding devices. However, if you have an Android, the compact capacity will only be 5.6 MB. You can also notify your friends about the file size, the sending time and the list of connected devices. That gives you better management over receiving and sending your files as needed.

Offline? That Could Be a Problem

With Shareit, you cannot send or receive files when one of the devices has gone offline. This can become somewhat of a problem. In addition, you can only share and connect from short distances because iOS devices will occupy around 29.6 MB, and that requires a 6.0 iOS version or better. You will also have to deal with annoying popups and advertisements that will have an impact on the sharing process. Also, you should understand that Shareit does not offer total security. There are vulnerabilities that could allow for a virus or other form of malware to enter.

Is Shareit worth your time? To be honest, there are some better photo sharing apps out there, and this software could benefit from some polishing up. However, it does get a lot right, and if you want fast transfers across multiplatforms, then Shareit can perform exceptionally well to compete with the best. While there are some drawbacks, there is nothing that will significantly affect your sharing speed, and that is what matters the most here.


  • All Types of Files Can Be Shared with This System
  • Great Speed for Transferring Data
  • Offers a Type of Multiplatform Support
  • Can Support the Transfer of up to Five Devices


  • No Instructions to Guide You
  • Does Not Always Operate Correctly
  • You Have to Reopen Your Connection for Every New Transfer
  • Does Not Support the Mac OS X
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